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Posted by animangarmcrder on 2005.10.19 at 20:58
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
If you've read Eragon then you'll want to read Eldest. Eldest is a pretty wonderful book so far! I started a couple of hours ago and I'm already pretty far in the book. It will definately keep you entertained.
If you like fantasy you'll like this book. This series is getting off to a good start.


Posted by animangarmcrder on 2005.09.21 at 16:41
Since I got in High School some years ago I haven't had a chance to read many children's books so I taking the time currently to read Despereaux. It's really cute! It's about a mouse who falls in love with a princess named Pea. If you get the chance and you like to read children's stories and all the romance and other books we're reading all start to sound alike then give this a try!!


Im reading a new book

Posted by autumnangeleyes on 2005.09.18 at 10:07
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: man i feel like a woman
Im reading a new book and it is called the storytellers daughter. it is good so far gotta go read!


Posted by animangarmcrder on 2005.08.27 at 19:44
Current Mood: excitedexcited
I recently got a new book east from what I've read so far it's really good. It published by the same company as the golden compass trilogy. It's got to be good.


Posted by animangarmcrder on 2005.08.25 at 13:29
Current Mood: blankblank
Sorry I haven't been on very much the last few days. Been crazy in the real world. School is starting and I am no where near ready to go back. but I guess that also means less time for books. That is sad I'll probably cry. Oh well back to books I haven't been able to get my hands on Eldest yet but I'm hoping soon. Mostly I'm rereading the Sword of Truth series.

(!#&)true blood - me


Posted by pleasurable on 2005.08.21 at 00:16
I'm selling my ebooks. I have tons! All of them will be 2 bucks each, you will be saving yourself at LEAST 5-6 dollars. I accept paypal, which most ebook stores don't. The sets that i have, for example the Christine Feehan ebook set i will sell for $15. That is an AMAZING price! You would spend [i]at least[/i] $100 bucks for the books online or in the store. The authors i have are : *[b]numbers are how many ebooks i have[/b]* Amanda Quick[3], Christina Dodd[all], Christine Feehan[all], Elizabeth Lowell[23], Gaelen Foley[6], Jane Feather[3], Johanna Lindsey[14], Jude Deveraux[11], Julia Quinn[all], Lisa Kleypas[all], Nora Roberts[11], Sabrina Jefferies[6], Stephanie Laurens[8], Suzanne Enoch[3], and Teresa Medeiros[4]. All of these ebooks are romance, a lot are historical romance. Just to note, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Gaelen Foley, and Christine Feehan are AMAZING. To check out their sites, just google search their name. If you wish to purchase a ebook, just EMAIL ME. If you have any questions on which books i have, post here or email me. ALL ebooks are microsoft reader type. Go to http://microsoft.com/reader to download , or i will send it to you myself. TY!<3


Posted by animangarmcrder on 2005.08.20 at 10:11
Current Mood: contemplativethinking
I might have to write all the books I've read down here just to keep up with what I've read.lol

Harry Potter

Posted by animangarmcrder on 2005.07.20 at 23:28
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
The Harry potter book made me so mad. why does J.K. rowling always kill the good people!!!!!!!!!!! It's not fair!!!!!!!!! The book was so short this time. I finished in 1 day. It really disappointed me which makes me upset. Does anyone else think the book kinda jumped around!!! I hated that too but all in all a keep you on the edge of your seat well writen book!!!!!!!!!!

have you read it?

Posted by animangarmcrder on 2005.07.12 at 19:05
Current Mood: awakeawake
Well if your looking for that one book this summer that you haven't read you should try the Sword of Truth series. It starts with wizards first rule, stone of tears, blood of th fold, temple of the winds, faith of the fallen they show the exact order in wizards first rule
check it out you'll be amazed


Posted by animangarmcrder on 2005.07.11 at 20:18
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Welcome to a book a day a community for those who like to read and are always looking for a good book. It is a place that when you run out of books you will have a million books to check out of the comments and posted messages. You will be told about good and horrible books alike. So when you join go ahead and introduce yourself if I don't already know you and have a ball. In case any of those Harry Potter fans forget (which I doubt) the next book is coming out on the 15th so don't forget to get your copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince!!!!!!!! You can bet I'll be at Wally world at 12:00am on Friday to get my copy;) hahahhah Need a recommendation just look me up and tell me the kinds of books you like.