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(!#&)true blood - me


Posted by pleasurable on 2005.08.21 at 00:16
I'm selling my ebooks. I have tons! All of them will be 2 bucks each, you will be saving yourself at LEAST 5-6 dollars. I accept paypal, which most ebook stores don't. The sets that i have, for example the Christine Feehan ebook set i will sell for $15. That is an AMAZING price! You would spend [i]at least[/i] $100 bucks for the books online or in the store. The authors i have are : *[b]numbers are how many ebooks i have[/b]* Amanda Quick[3], Christina Dodd[all], Christine Feehan[all], Elizabeth Lowell[23], Gaelen Foley[6], Jane Feather[3], Johanna Lindsey[14], Jude Deveraux[11], Julia Quinn[all], Lisa Kleypas[all], Nora Roberts[11], Sabrina Jefferies[6], Stephanie Laurens[8], Suzanne Enoch[3], and Teresa Medeiros[4]. All of these ebooks are romance, a lot are historical romance. Just to note, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Gaelen Foley, and Christine Feehan are AMAZING. To check out their sites, just google search their name. If you wish to purchase a ebook, just EMAIL ME. If you have any questions on which books i have, post here or email me. ALL ebooks are microsoft reader type. Go to http://microsoft.com/reader to download , or i will send it to you myself. TY!<3


animangarmcrder at 2005-08-22 01:06 (UTC) (Link)
They do rock but just wondering if you have the malory series that johanna lindsey writes?
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